How do I become certified in Hypervibe WBV?

Sign up for training and complete the training.
The certification process consists of a Written Exam Paper and Practical Review.
Both are completed during the training.

Why Hypervibe
for Medical Professionals

Already a leader in the Whole Body Vibration industry, Hypervibe is the first Whole Body Vibration system to offer comprehensive training courses, lesson plans and ongoing support material for practitioners.

We know you need diverse material for all different demographics and symptoms so created robust and industry leading repertoire for whole body vibration.

What is covered

Our Foundation Training is an 8 hour training with option to also join a second day should you wish to have group fitness programming.

During the training, you will learn how to correctly, and safely, teach each of the Hypervibe foundation exercises.

Be equiped with the the most efficient and effective system for your clinic.


  • The Hypervibe WBV for Medical Practitioners Bible – aka the hard copy of our Medical practitioners Foundation Manual.
  • Learn the science behind Whole Body Vibration.
  • Be taught 80+ exercises and how to format in to sessions.
  • Learn how to advance and modify exercises for all demographics.
    • Discover how to apply Hypervibe exercises to unique populations including elite athletes for rehabilitation and conditioning.
    • How to make client adjustments with verbal and tactile corrections.
  • Class lesson plans should you wish to give clients their own programs
  • Access to Global Support Group page.
  • Opportunity to download new material, props workshops, injury specific workshops with our unique portal of continuing education.
  • Continuing Education delivered from industry leaders around the world
  • Monthly Newsletter.
  • Hypervibe Certified Practitioner Certificate

Use The Vibe